Inner Wheel Club of Bombay West

innerwheelclubInner Wheel History : Inner Wheel began on the 10 January 1924 when Mrs MargaretteGolding presided over a club formed of Rotarian wives. The roots from which International Inner Wheel has grown were established in 1934 when the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain & Ireland was formed. In 1930’s clubs were formed in Australia, New Zealand and Norway.

It was realised that unity is strength and members had the wisdom and foresight to form Clubs, later establishing Districts and then Associations and National Councils.

In 1967 International Inner Wheel was formed which gave an opportunity for qualified members in any country to serve as Officers and to strengthen the unity of the organisation throughout the world.

The Objects of the organisation are :
1) To promote true friendship
2) To encourage the ideals of personal service
3) To foster international understanding

Today: International Inner Wheel links together members in different parts of the world including Europe, Asia, Africa, Australasia & the America’s.

Inner Wheel Club of Bombay West: Established in 1966 and chartered on 9th March, 1967, Inner Wheel Club of Bombay West (IWBW) has been serving the community through innovative projects aimed at promoting friendships, alleviating poverty and women’s empowerment. The Club has around 80 Members who year after year, engage in activities ranging from sponsoring ‘aangan wadis’, upliftment of HIV infected females, nutrition advice for pregnant women, cultural programmes amongst school children to inculcate the rich cultural traditions and values, health and hygiene projects, mid-day meals, etc.

IWBW has produced several leaders over the past many years of community service. One such leader, Dr.Pallavi Shah was the President of International Inner Wheel for 2010-11 which is a matter of great pride for IWBW and for our Club.

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