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Mann Suman Geetmala….      

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An initiative to inculcate values interwoven with meaningful lyrics and catchy tunes….

Why this Initiative?

We all want that our children should gain knowledge and become intelligent and at the same time also become good human beings. Parents and teachers are continuously engaging themselves in these efforts to inculcate good values and morals amongst the children….but a lot more can be done to take these efforts to the next level to ensure an enlightened youth population of future.

“Mann Suman Geetmala” is a small contribution to complement the efforts of parents and teachers. With the set of 10 melodious songs and a prayer, this ‘Geetmala’ aspires to inspire young minds to adapt a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.  Each and every song of our ‘Geetmala’ gives nice information about our own self and teaches good values. These values include humbleness, fearlessness, commitment, love, respecting elders, truthfulness, loyalty, keeping good company, serve the needy, hard work, sharing and caring for others, togetherness, patriotism etc. Our AIM is to lay Foundation of Value Education in Primary & Secondary Schools to make our children good human beings.

It is the responsibility of ALL OF US that children move forward on right moral path and stay away from the stress and strains. We wish that in this “Yagya” of “Jeevan ki Pathashala”, we ALL…teachers, parents, guardians, social workers and others would come forward and contribute our own share of “Aahuti”…


Smt. Indumati Katdareji (our own Indu Tai), Kulpati, Punarutthan Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad and her “Punyabhoomi Sanskriti Vaachanmala – a set of hundred small books are our source of INSPIRATION for Mann-Suman Geetmala.  The Concept, the lyrics, the Commentary… all are based on the treasure of this book set, published and available in Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi.  “Jeevan Ki Pathshala” was inspired by Ms.Reyna Rupani of “School of Life” project for educating street children in Mumbai.

A GUIDANCE NOTE for School Teachers/ Parents/ NGOs/Social Workers

First and foremost, all Teachers/Parents/Social Workers should download the entire set of songs with lyrics andn listen to songs very attentively. They may note down the values and other important points, if necessary.  Also, if possible, read the set of hundred book “Punyabhoomi Sanskriti Vaachanmala” of “Punarutthan Vidyapeeth”and make notes.

The entire learning can be broken into 10 – 20 sessions of 1 hour each. Tell the students to address you as ‘Didi’ or ‘Guruji’ or any Indian colloquial like ‘dadi-nani’, ‘baba-dada’. Try to make them comfortable, give them informal teaching atmosphere so that they can open up their minds and interact with you freely. Make a group of 10 to 15 children (not more) in one batch to make the interaction successful. Children can do performances or do some activities based on each song. Assessment is very important, so there should be some assessment criteria to evaluate the progress of each child. Assessment should not be based on marks as values cannot be evaluated, it should be practiced.

Rotary Club of Bombay West is thankful to Rtn.Laxminarayan Baijal for penning the lyrics of this song collection duly supported by Ms.Deepa Kumar of Beyond Brackets Communications, Bangalore, Mr.Prabhakar Sharma and Mrs.Manali Sharma for music composition and lending their melodious voice, Mr.Dinesh Shakul for the Voice Over Commentary.  Thanks are also due to contributions made by Mr.Sahil Baijal (financial support), Ms.Swati Baijal (of Spice Box Designs for design inputs) and Ms.Kiran Laxminarayan Baijal, a Yoga Teacher for her valuable inputs to complete this project.