How To Make Up For A Missed Meeting

Within 14 days before or after the date of the regular meeting of the Club which you could not attend :

1. Attend a regular meeting of any other Club. Click here Club Finder
2. Attend a regular meeting of a Rotaract Club or Interact Club or Rotary Fellowship
3. Attendance at RI Convention or District Conference or District Assembly or Intercity or Committee Meetings of RI / District entitles you for credit in your attendance records
4. Attend or participate in Club Service Project or a Club Sponsored Community Project / Event or a Meeting thereof
5. Attendance at Board Meetings or a Committee of the Board as Directors or Invitees entitle you for credit in your attendance records.
6. Participate through E-Club in an interactive activity requiring an average of 30 minutes of participation.

This is the most convenient way to make-up for a missed meeting. It just needs 30 minutes of surfing / viewing Articles at your home or office or on the go (from your ‘blackberry’ if you please) and it’s done! The website has a facility of sending an email directly to the Rotary Office for marking your presence.

Or you can send in an Email to and inform the Club about your make-up attendance.

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