About Us

KDN Shruti School copyShruti implies hearing.  Shruti also implies the ‘good path’.  What started in June 1973 as a modest beginning has grown into a special centre accommodating over 100 students at any given time.  The Schools well-designed architecture and its ambience are an ‘ear-opener’ for everyone who otherwise takes the sounds of nature for granted.

Founded by Rtn.Dr.Ramesh Oza, Asia’s foremost Audiologist and Speech Therapist and nurtured by the Rotary Club of Bombay West, the School stands today as a magnificent institution, meeting the needs of the hearing impaired children.

The objectives of Shruti are very clear; to develop a strong foundation of language and speech and to teach the children the 3-Rs of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic so that they can be integrated in normal schools.  The courses provided at the School range from extensive Mother’s Training Programme to Pre-School to Primary Education and finally the Integration Programme.  It is not just the curriculum and training that makes this place special but the ambience that hones the children’s creativity as can be seen from the soft-boards at the School which adorn the pictures painted by the children after their outdoor trips to the parks and the beaches or at their Annual Day Programme where these children perform marvelous dances, recite poems and stage plays which leave the audience speechless.

The school houses an admin block, Audiology Centre, 24 Classrooms and a mini hall.  It has faculty of over 25 teaching staff, all especially trained to handle the special students of the school.  The present school building was re-built and inaugurated sometime in 1982 and is named “Surajba Bhavan” after Late Smt.Surajba Patel, whose family donated a large sum of money for the benefit of the school.

History & Milestones

What began as a class of 9 students at Rotary Service Centre on Juhu Tara Road in June 1973 – a community project of Rotary Club of Bombay West – has today blossomed into a full-fledged Institute for the Hearing Impaired Children.  It now comprises of a School for the Hearing Impaired Children from Nursery to VII Standard, in four language mediums to meet the requirements of the children coming from varied backgrounds.  Beyond VII Standard, the students are trained for integration in normal schools.

Some of our milestones are:

Year Milestone
June 1973 ·         School Foundation·         Recognition of the School by Social Welfare Department of Government of Maharashtra
April 1982 ·         Inauguration of School Building near Chandan Cinema, JVPD Scheme·         Commencement of Parent-Teachers’ Association (PTA)
July 1995 Inauguration of Mothers’ Training Programme
July 1997 Inauguration of Interact Club of KDN Shruti School
Nov 1997 School Building named as “SURAJBA BHAVAN”
Mar 2002 Inauguration of The Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation and Infant Training Centre
Feb 2004 Inauguration of Kantaben Balwantrai Parekh Audiology Centre


Programmes & Activities

DSC00146At Shruti, we believe every child has the potential to fully develop its mental and physical attributes.  With this philosophy, we have introduced programmes and activities for their all-round development.  On the one end of the spectrum are the regular study programmes based on Government approved curricula, while on the other end are programmes and activities aimed at nurturing their inner talent, boosting their confidence and self- worth to prepare them to face the adult world.

Infants & Parents

Picture 290_1We manage an Infant Guidance and Training Centre, a place where the parents can seek guidance on discovering their child’s hearing impairment.  Early diagnosis, Evaluation of Impairment, Selection of appropriate Hearing Aids and Training for Child and Parents are some of the services we render at the Centre which immensely benefit those who need assistance to face the situation.  Our Mothers’ Training Programme – a first in India – aims at preparing the parents to deal with their hearing impaired children in a way which will contribute to their development.  It sensitizes and teaches mothers on how to deal with their children’s special needs at home.

Preschool  to Primary Education

From the preschool programme, our children learn to lip-read, understand what their peers and family members talk, develop lots of vocabulary and try to speak. At this stage our emphasis is to help the child acquire and master the language. At primary school level we run our regular school batches for our students from Standard I to Standard VII in English, Hindi, Gujarati and Marathi Mediums to suit the needs of children coming from varied backgrounds.  The curricula conform to the syllabus approved by the State Government.  Our teaching staff is especially trained to encourage and motivate children in learning all subjects with help of aids and tools made available to them.

Integration Programme

Beyond Standard VII, we want our children to attend the normal schools for further education so that they get integrated with the mainstream and are ready to face the challenges of the adult world with confidence.

Our integration programme starts with ‘Educating the Educated’ by helping change of attitude towards these least understood children. Our social workers and teachers contact the target group of principals and teachers at the normal schools and discuss various aspects of integration. Even schools children are taken into confidence so that they will welcome ‘new friends’ among themselves. Success of integration depends on acceptance of the deaf child by the school authorities, teachers and classmates. Our staff remains in constant touch with the class teachers of the integrated children.

Other Activities

  • Conducting extracurricular activities like Yoga Training, Physical Training, Dance, Computers, Arts and Crafts, and more
  • Teaching book-bi nding, drawing, embroidery to students opting for concessions in the SSC Exams
  • Organizing Annual Sports Day
  • Organizing an annual cultural programme that showcases the skill and talent of the students.
  • Celebrating Independence Day, Republic Day and important national festivals
  • Supporting the Interact Club of KDN Shruti School sponsored by Rotary Club of Bombay West, where children learn to give, to assist others and execute community projects conceived and funded by them.

Cochlear Implant Centre

Children with special needs a special project, which led us to found the Cochlear Implant Operations Project in Rotary Year 2012-13.  In India, there are many children who are born with the hearing deficiency.  Due to medical advancements in the last decade, it is now possible to implant a device and transform their lives.  With the help of these Cochlear implants, children can attain normal hearing and lead a normal life.  While this procedure is getting more popular, it has been out of reach for many children due to the high costs involved.  We have now started the project to help get the devices implanted in children and also provide the mandatory training and calibration.

Each operation costs around Rs.5 to Rs.6 lakhs, which is a highly subsidized cost, and is conducted by a Rotarian Doctor at a hospital in our neighbourhood.  For this project, we have received very generous donations from Rtn.Narendrabhai Parekh, member of Rotary Club of Bombay West.  The Sir Ratan Tata Trust is also financially supporting the project.  During the first year itself, we successfully completed 10 Cochlear Implant Operations for the underprivileged children.

For further details, please visit www.shrutischool.com